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How might we make Canterbury Museum the most inclusive space in Christchurch? 🧐 While this is an ambitious goal, the project scope focuses specifically on delivering recommendations which will make the museum a more inclusive space for children and adults with autism.⠀
Join us in this adventure by becoming an Innovation Advisor today at the below email address: ⠀

Innovation Advisors are crucial to the success of this project by ensuring solutions are created through an inclusive process and by having fun participating in the testing of possible new ideas at Canterbury Museum.⠀
This project runs until April 2022 and provides a unique opportunity to directly connect with the museum - we would love to hear from you 💻⠀

Important information:⠀
Our Museum: Inclusive and Imaginative, will be the culmination of my MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the University of Canterbury which follows the successful completion of nine courses undertaken in the programme. The objective is to demonstrate mastery of previous MBA courses and integrate learnings into a real-world situation. It is important to remember this is a Consulting Project and not a Research Project. A major difference can be determined as follows: I am addressing a strategic issue of importance specific to Canterbury Museum rather than contributing to the body of knowledge on accessibility, autism or museums in general. ⠀
The project can be expected to significantly evolve over time as its process incorporates a non-linear approach (Design Thinking supported by Inclusive Design) which has been approved by the University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee. Success will come from listening to people who have a story to share about autism and people working together for the betterment of our city. I encourage you to reach out and join us! 🧑🏻‍💻 ⠀
Video updates will also be added to the homepage on a fortnightly basis 🎥⠀
Best wishes,⠀